Tiffani Michelle, currently is an Adjunct II Psychology Professor and Mental Health Services Professor at Central Texas College and Elementary School Counselor in Austin, TX and has been in the field of education for 24 years at every educational level: PK-College. In the early 2000s she served as a High School Counselor and Scholarship Coordinator and with her drive she accomplished and was acclaimed for sending many high school students to college with scholarships earning her campus a record of 2-4 million scholarships for students the most in her district at the time. With her skills she acquired as a Scholarship Coordinator and her passion for helping women to make their mark in the world she founded the 'Tiffani Michelle DIAMOND Grant & Scholarship Program.' The grants and scholarship program is for women of all ages and is referral based. There is no application process. Tiffani Michelle interviews and selects recipients who represents her authentic passion to make a difference in our world as Diamonds. She is interested in women stories of faith, transition, perseverance, and the whole experience of one's journey to make a difference in the world! The 'Tiffani Michelle DIAMOND Grant & Scholarship Program' purpose is to provide monetary support to inspire women to never give up on their dreams and to empower them to make their mark in the world! 

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