About Me...

Songwriter, Composer, Music Arranger, Musician, Producer, Model, Counselor, College Psychology and Mental Health Services Professor, and aspiring Author. She will mesmerize you with her vocals, honest lyrics, and smooth yet energetic live performances while captivating you with her style, down to earth personality, and beauty that radiates! 47 years old, Tiffani Michelle has been in music all her life since she was three years old. As a trained musician and vocalist she had earned three college scholarships in academics, jazz as a saxophonist and gospel acapella as a vocalist. In addition, Tiffani Michelle began her singing career as a Professional Singer for weddings and special events in 2000 while pursuing her Ph.D. in Education and Counseling Studies. Her passion was creating music; therefore, she dropped out of her Ph.D. program and began her journey as an Independent Neo-Soul Recording Artist/Songwriter in 2010.

Tiffani Michelle is a creative force and talent that sings all lead and background vocals, writes, and arranges all her music for authenticity. She currently has released 6 albums, 3 Mixtapes, and 2 Greatest Hits albums. In fact, Tiffani Michelle's music has had 14 songs on CD Baby's Top Songs Countdown from 2012-2018 for 4-8 weeks in a row representing 5 genres: Psychedelic Soul, Alternative Contemporary Christian, Neo-Soul, Crossover Jazz, and Smooth Jazz. Tiffani Michelle has fans in 90 countries.

Tiffani Michelle in conjunction with Soul Central Magazine and Neo2Soul had a feature in the February/March 2017 #44 Soul Central Magazine Launch Party Issue. She believes in cultivating positive self-esteem in women and empowerment to utilize one’s gifts and talents in the world. Therefore, as a Professional School Counselor, Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor Intern, Fellow, Diplomate, Certified Relationship Specialist, and Board-Certified PTSD Counselor by the American Psychotherapy Association including a Psychology and Mental Health Services College Professor she plans to release her first poetry photobook based on her music titled, ‘Tiffani Michelle…Music Expressions in Poetry & Art’ in 2019. Her expressive soul is authentic and it is manifested in her writings and music.

Tiffani Michelle is a single parent to an 19 years old son in college and she is a 12 years Breast Cancer Survivor. In addition, coined ‘A Walking Miracle’, four years ago she survived a coma and was coded dead three times experience. However, God rebirth her and she knew she must continue her ‘DIAMOND Movement’ to support women to make their mark in this world. Therefore, her aim as a Brand is to utilize her body of work of music and writing while meshing her roles as a Counselor, College Professor, Writer, Musical Artist/Songwriter as a voice of inspiration to women to believe in God and to be fearless to achieve regardless of the sunshine and the rain. She is often told she has a captivating aura and in humility she states, "It's the manifestation of God in my life!"